Letter From the Editors

by Prime Editors

Dear reader,

Welcome to the last prime of the year! We’re nearing the end of spring, and graduation nostalgia is in the air. prime went out to see some of the best of Los Angeles, as well as hear stories from students we normally wouldn’t hear from.

This quarter’s City Guide takes you to the coast of Malibu, while Hike LA takes you inland to the San Gabriel Mountains. The infamous Paul Smith pink wall and other murals on the walls of Los Angeles are looked at in a different light. We tasted and decided on the best taco in the city – try it if you don’t believe us. Or you could always use our recipe for an excellent empanada. Exploring the beautiful Los Angeles Flower District piqued our interest in flower-pressing. There are also personal stories about conflicting cultures, cultural expectations and what makes up a home. We were given the opportunity to sit in a creative writing class comprised of student veterans. Their unforgiving wit and humor comes forth in their writing, offering us insight into their lives.

With our last issue of the year, we’d like to thank you, our readers. It’s been a pleasure serving you as the 2016-2017 prime editorial staff.

Peace, love, prime, Hayley McAvoy, Maryrose Kulick, and Youngjun Park