DIY: Turning old light bulbs into decorative vases

by Alessandra Daskalakis

Erin Ng / Daily Bruin


  1. Thick gloves
  2. Safety goggles
  3. Long-nose pliers (the narrower the better)
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Old light bulb Note: Do not use fluorescent light bulbs as they may release toxic chemicals when broken.


  1. String
  2. Hammer
  3. Small, thin piece of metal (IKEA Allen wrenches are great)

Erin Ng / Daily Bruin


  1. Put on safety gear and find a safe, open area. Very small glass particles will fly into the air, so an easily cleaned surface, like a towel, is necessary.
  2. Use the pliers to peel off the little metal covering on the tip of the light bulb, revealing a small hole in the black plastic.
    Erin Ng / Daily Bruin
  3. Wedge the point of the screwdriver into the little hole to break the black plastic.
    Erin Ng / Daily Bruin
  4. Use the pliers to remove the now-cracked black plastic so you have access to the inside of the light bulb.
  5. Break the miniature bulb within the light bulb using a combination of the pliers, screwdriver, hammer and small metal piece. Recommended: Hammer with the small metal piece until the miniature bulb breaks, and then use the screwdriver and pliers to chisel away the remaining glass by twisting them at an angle within the neck of the bulb.
    Erin Ng / Daily Bruin
  6. Use the pliers to pull out the wiring, leaving behind a clean, empty light bulb.
    Erin Ng / Daily Bruin
  7. Add water and flowers and hang by a string.

Erin Ng / Daily Bruin