DIY: Memory Making

by Prime Staff

Agnijita Kumar / Daily Bruin

For most students, college only lasts four years.

It’s made up of highs and lows, personal growth, new friends and exciting experiences. But once it’s over, college is just a pile of memories.

And while those memories will stay with you forever, the memories that are tangible, the ones you can hold and touch, deserve a special home.

That’s where memory boxes come in.

You take the physical memories – ticket stubs from Bruin Bash, pictures of friends, funny notes – and put them together in a box. Your JazzReggae Festival ticket from freshman year sits next to your first college wine cork and a printed-out grad picture. The evidence that you were here, that you did go to UCLA, is all in your hands.

Then you take an ordinary box – doesn't matter what size or shape – and you decorate it in a way that expresses who you were in college, or what your journey here was about. Style it however you like – we recommend paint or decoupage. All that matters is that it's yours.

The prime editors made our own memory boxes, using different techniques, to symbolize the things that are important to us about our college experience. Whether it’s school spirit, our study abroad experience or our quirky pop culture tastes, each box represents a facet of our own UCLA journey.

And it’s easy to make your own.

Agnijita Kumar / Daily Bruin

Suggested supplies:

Empty box





Mod Podge

Paper cutouts

Wooden shapes

Suggested memories:

Anything that makes you smile or laugh

Something that has changed or shaped your college experience