Monsters, Traditions, and Folklore:

Stories Heard Around the World

In the United States, we think of Halloween as a scary night for telling ghost stories, dressing up in costumes, and asking for candy from strangers. However, other parts of the world feature their own tales of spirits, demons and monsters. In the spirit of Halloween, Daily Bruin Radio senior staff reporter Bianca Broszus talked to UCLA professors specializing in world history and culture to tell stories from around the globe. From Professor Timothy Tangherlini's chilling tale of a spectral passenger recounted to him by a cab driver on a cold, rainy night; to the story of a monster using a sheet and a paintbrush to conceal its identity as described by Professor Andrea Goldman, these stories reflect the culture and values of their country of origin. Explore our interactive map to hear more professors recount monster stories, folklore and traditions that they've experienced throughout their years of study. Throughout the quarter, this map will continue to be updated as more professors add their stories.

By Daily Bruin Radio