Letter from the Editor

More than 40,000 of us walk the UCLA campus every day. And 400,000 more have called Westwood home at one time or another.

We come from a diverse set of backgrounds and grapple with more than 100 fields of study, which doesn’t always leave much common ground. Still, we are all Bruins.

“Bruin” is the most common of our titles, perhaps the one that can define us all, but it often falls short of recognizing all the things we participate in, advocate for and accomplish during our time at UCLA.

Within our Graduation Issue, you will find stories of singers, comedians, athletes and parents – to name a few – who have gone about exploring their passions in very different ways. As a community newspaper, these are the stories we’re committed to telling, but that sentiment doesn’t stop with these pages.

We want to hear about your path, how it was formed and what it will be defined by. Using the hashtag #BeyondABruin on Twitter and Instagram, tell us what has shaped your UCLA experience and what will shape the years to follow.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Erickson

Editor in chief

Gabrielle Cabalaza / Daily Bruin
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Beyond the Game

Brandon Choe / Daily Bruin
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Beyond the Show

Brandon Choe / Daily Bruin

Every journalist needs a proper sign-off. And before the invention of the Internet, that meant including "-30-" at the end of a telegraph transmission to signal the completion of a story. In their -30- columns, graduating Daily Bruin staffers and members of the UCLA community share their experiences and plans for the future. We also asked nine graduating staffers to go "beyond the object" and talk about an object that has been important in their respective college careers.


Francesca Manto / Daily Bruin
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